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Genesis 1:1–25

God Our Sovereign Creator
Whether it is a hardened atheist ... or an angst-ridden artist ... or in specifically religious contexts, we appear irresistibly drawn to spiritual questions that are personal and experiential in nature. And it is God, the Creator of our material and spiritual world, who confronts us in Genesis 1 and throughout this first book of the Bible.
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The Gospel of Jesus Christ

There is a wonderful clip dating from 1968 featuring J. R. R. Tolkien, author of what still seems widely regarded as the single greatest English-language novel. Tolkien talks about how the fiction unfolded, dismissing the suggestion that his masterpiece is an allegory of the nuclear bomb.
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The Resurrection of Jesus Christ Part II

‘The physical resurrection of Christ is not an isolated historical fact. It is inexhaustibly rich in meaning for Christ himself, for the church, and for the whole world.’ Certainly, the significance of Christ’s resurrection saturates every aspect of New Testament teaching. Its meaning may be presented in several ways.
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